Ben and Norman Stadem's Letter

to Pearl Ginther,

May 28, 1978

[On top of page] Thank "Be" for the pictures.

Sun. May 28

Also Thank your Mother & LeRoy & fam.

Dear Pearl--

Just a short note as long as I have the address Evelyn Storhaug gave me at Mildred's funeral. I was really shocked when you asked about Anna Rovang. It was not announced around Bryant either. We found out about it thru Gladys Storhaug.

There were 4 more funerals at the O.R. Church [Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bryant, SD) after Mildred's. I think you knew them around the 30's. Your short message must have been impressive. It surely gave Myron [Stadem], Patty [Myron's wife?], Norman, and I and all the rest a powerful lift. Every word was absorbed. It was not the easiest. We all thank God for those words. It brought a change in the whole congregation. Please relay to your son we enjoyed his writing and hopes he continues to be a witness in his m.s. [they could refer to Darrell Ginther, who self-published his autobiography, "Delivered from the Powers of Darkness."--Ed.].

Thanks again and hold fast. We still miss the old days.

Much love,

Ben & Norman

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