Bernice Schaefer’s Letter to Sister Pearl.

After a Reunion at Mobridge with Mama Bergit and Leroy Stadems


Mobridge, S.D.

May 21, 1978

Dear Pearl & Children,

We see here you have some recipes left in side the cupboard & am sure you have missed them by now. We have tried to get letters written but not yet. Today is Sunday P.M. was to church today, & then to Leroy’s for a beef dinner. Danny Spilde drove up yesterday from Mitchel in his Dodge Van all alone to see Mama. Brought her a B. Card & a smoke detector which is so thoughtful of him. He suggests to put in the hallways. He slept in the Van & just left about 3 o’clock.

Bonnie called from Rapid City just before he left too & I talked to her for 20 min. or more [knowing us Stadems, it was more!—Ed.]. She is getting married July 1 to a Joe Hilt. They bought 10 acres & a home north of Rapid. Their address will be RR9 , Box 537, Rapid City, SD 57001.

Mama, Leroy & Liz and I went to the Musical the other night. It was very good. We sat around card tables & they passed cookies, coffee & punch, a new experience. We are looking for Alida & Hans today. Hans has next week off. Had a nice rain on the garden the next day, after Mama & I planted it all the day after you all went. Made bread & cookies next day. Sure got quiet around here after you 3 left. We just looked at each other & laughed. Mama had a head ache yesterday, but in P.M. felt better, so we, Danny, Leroy, Mama, and I went to Convalescent Open House. Saw many aged, you can be sure. A Catholic lady that loves Mama gave her some booties. She does such nice work. All the pictures turned out real good. Will send soon. Had a card from Myrt at Selby but nothing yet from you two, hope you all got home o.k.

Joe Berkowitz [Jewish Christian friend of the family] just called & asked about you all. He goes to England & Scotland next Tuesday. Says, “What else is a bachelor to do?” He sounded good. Asked where Darrell was.

Will write again soon, Love, Be

Pictures came today (Tue) for you. Turned out rather good [happy face]. Jannelle [Swenson] is having a baby in Aug. Mama & I quilted yesterday & today. Had 13 here for coffee last night 22nd, stayed till 11. Read your letter today. Thanks for news. Good you made the plane [another happy face].

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