"The Master's Heart,"

A Tribute to Mim, A New Year's Bouquet, by Ron Ginther

Note: (Ahem! Giving bouquets to dead people doesn't make good sense, come to think of it, so I decided to send this to you, dear Cousin, now while you can still see it! And a few others too who might appreciate it too)


"The Master's Heart," A Tribute to Mim,

A New Year's Bouquet


Mim lives up where the eagles soar,

and yet she reaches down to the poor.

Rich, but poor in spirit, need a hug and Bible verse.

Even rich wives can follow rich husbands

in a long black hearse!

Who will truly, really, care?

Mim's the one for them, she'll be there!

From mega-million dollar mansions to bare-bone apartments,

women drop from the lap of luxury to social aid and welfare departments.

It's all of a sudden, they had no idea

they'd have to cope with such, not in a white limo but a sputtering old Kia.

So Mim provides the means so they can pull hearts and lives back together,

with her truck and muscle and loving heart

she's there at the end of the tether.

Truly, she's saved lives, of women who would have despaired,

all because they knew one person who showed in action she cared.

You would think Park City would put her at the head of a parade,

but she gets hit with fines for leaving boxed clothes for women needing aid.

So be a little careful if you ever speak of her,

think twice before you do, she's got the Master's heart found in few.

Unconditional, totally free,

it's the same that paid our ransom, and gave grace to you and me.

All she's got to know is your need

, and she's your helper, that's her one creed.

There's dire need among mansions too,

no one's immune to loss, just because your blood is blue.

The wolf can come knocking down the door of a house with a world-class view;

he doesn't care how much money they got,

that won't protect them when the IRS is hot.

The rich have farther to fall than ones lower down,

but Mim's right there to comfort, cheer and help, she's on call, the clock around.

Yes, some take advantage of this gift of love,

but she gives it over to Jesus, and goes on serving Christ above.

He'll reimburse her someday she knows, if it's due,

but until then she'll just keep truckin',

doing for others--if you only knew!

So stand behind her and give up your superior attitude--

remember--we've all going to be measured by each and every Beatitude.


--Ron Ginther (giving up his own attitude!)

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