"God's Two Main Controversies With Stadem Descendants,"

And the Tie-in of Black Lives Matter with the Modern Human Slave Trade

by Ron Ginther

God has shown to me clearly in his Word two main controversies he has with us Stadem Descendants, which are:

1. We need to establish the right priorities; and

2. We need to flee the carnal sin of Esau, who sold his spiritual birthright for the lust of the flesh (in his case, his lust for Jacob's savory stew).

First, reading in Haggai (a prophetic book of two chapters sandwiched between Zephaniah and Zechariah), the wrong priorities were held by the Jews in Haggai, and Haggai the prophet exposed this sin of the people, which had kept the temple from being finished for years and years after a good start, just as the heritage barn has been kept from being finished after a good start while we went off and built our beautiful "paneled houses."

Secondly, we are materialistic Americans living for the American Dream, or, as the Bible calls it, Mammon. Mammon was a god, and it still is America's god. Greed for material wealth has consumed our souls, we are sold as slaves to working for and getting and attending to material things that we think we own, but which really and truly and horribly own us! Materialism has robbed us of every spiritual good, even preached from the pulpits of America, and the people all cried "Amen!"

Covid-19 is clearly God's judgment on a rebellious, unbelieving America and the outside unbelieving world which have abandoned God, for he is judging materialism that has enslaved our souls. Business failures, lockdown of whole economies and free movement of people, starvation and famine are consequence of God's judgment, born of the corona virus pestilence and, it must be added, wicked leaders' lust for power over others as evidenced in the mandates of governors and mayors and police chiefs against the churches, forcing closures of churches and proscribing their gathering to worship God, and even their singing of hymns.

Needless to say, the Marxist, anti-family, anti-God, anti-America agenda of Black Lives Matter's organization is a part of the judgment of God upon us, resulting in the burning of the centers of major cities throughout the land. BLM has a lot to say about "slavery," condemning whites for its existence, but they have buried the true history which does not support its agenda in the least. It is not really a movement for social justice for blacks as some of us have supposed, it is a radical revolutionary disruption of the established law and social order in order to create the mass chaos and fear and panic necessary for a dictator to be called in to restore order with his draconian fiats much like Adolph Hitler did in strife-torn Germany in the 1930s.

But first things first: correcting and setting right priorities, and repentance for our sin of Esau. Are we seeking first the kingdom of God or are we still seeking our own kingdom at the expense of God's? It is time for a revolutionary change of our individual and collective priorities and also a radical repentance in each and every one of us that will strike the death blow to the materialism that has gripped our hearts and chained our spirits!

Until we come to the foot of the Cross and repent and change, brethren, all the calls for sacrificial giving here are going to result in no funding of any significant amount, nor will there be a timely finishing of the heritage barn project (which is a sign that our priorities are misplaced).

Truly, the greatest pandemic afflicting the 21st century world is not Covid-19, but Materialism. We have even legally sanctioned the murder of innocents, over 61 million unborn babies for billions of dollars of profit and taxpayers' money. 41 million deaths from abortion world-wide, versus 17 million from Covid-19. If Black Lives matter, why don't the tens of millions of unborn babies matter? Answer: Politically, they do not count, as they cannot vote and they cannot protest anything. Therefore, they are expendable. Better, they are worth more dead to the abortion industry, and their body parts sold off for thousands of dollars. How abominable and barbaric! This is worse than shoveling infants into the burning furnace of the idol Moloch in the ancient world, for the often cruel and heartless ancients, despite their brutality in a brutal world, somehow never thought of selling baby parts. Cannibalism was also greatly abhorred, even the eating of one's children which sometimes was done by parent in the starving cities under enemy siege.

Let's fast forward to our own technologically advanced, socially progressive times. We have thousands of years over the ancient world in which to improve and attain high levels of compassion and caring for others. But where is the improvement? How about kidnapping and selling young girls to be raped to death in the brothels of Asia today? It is going on, unabated. The United Nations can proclaim Year of the Child all its likes, but the practice goes on year after year. Well, what is your conclusion? It has to be: We are not so advanced as we like to think over the ancient world!

The Bible states in the Mosaic Law that anyone who kidnaps and sells a human being is to be put to death.

"Exodus 21:16: "He who kidnaps a man and sells him, or if he is found in his hand, shall be put to death." (Exodus 21:16)

So much for the legitimacy of the slave trade, ancient and modern, and for human sex traffiking still going on globally with billions of profit being made! Black Lives Matter is a radical Marxist, political organization, and has no role to play in eliminating true slavery, which Black Lives Matter ignores and does nothing about in its protests.

] The law of God requires that kidnappers for selling their captives for sex traffiking or kept as unpaid menials in households shall be put to death. Period. So what do we in "civilized Western societies" do regarding slavery? We tolerate it, or if we cannot tolerate it, we finance and reward it. We know very well that slavery-practicing countries across the world are financed with large grants of money from us, yet they do not give up slave-holding and sex slave traffiking. Why? We don't withhold the money aid and grants, despite our high-sounding appeals to human and humanitarian ideals.

God's eternal law is not mocked, even if it is ignored. All who argued in the 16th and on into the 19th century in the American south in favor of the capturing of tribal people in Africa and the selling of Africans in the slave trade certainly did not quote Exodus 21:16 against such practices! It gained a sentence of death for committing such a crime against humanity, which was made all the worse an offense since every human being is made in the image of God! Those defenders of such practices did not get off scot-free either.

It has been often said in the past, the mills of God, of his divine justice, may grind slowly, but they grind surely. That means not a single, solitary guilty person will escape those grinding wheels! The guilty one will be ground to powder! Not one person will get off by a lawyer's appeal either, unless that advocate is Jesus Christ and His shed blood! Only Jesus Christ and His blood shed for us can pay take away our individual penalty for our sin. Do you have him as Savior and is His blood applied to your soul's guilt, brother and sister? It is mightily important that you get this one thing straight, for on this issue, your soul's eternal destiny hangs, and when you draw your last breath, it is settled, you either go to heaven, or you go to hell. No exception, either you pay God's justice its due, or Christ pays for you.

So make absolutely sure you have Jesus Christ and his shed blood paying your penalty in full. Otherwise, you are eternally doomed to destruction in hell and the Lake of Fire.

There is justice in human events as well to be suffered for individual and national sins.

God unleashed the Civil War, and the reparation in part was paid in blood--over 600,000 soldiers slain, brothers and sons and husbands of women and families on both sides of the conflict, and the Southern slave states were ruined for generations. Think of the human suffering and tragedy and loss of loved ones and all personal and family losses and economic misery that statistic entailed! It cannot be grasped in its full magnitude. Reparations in money pale in comparison! There is not wealth enough on the entire earth to repay the losses inflicted by that war! This is no exaggeration. Have you read the books about it? I have read dozens written by historians and by people who had been slaves. Yet people on both sides prayed to the same God! Abraham Lincoln remarked on this incredible thing, asking how could this be? Yet the God over America's Northern and Southern states, Unionist and abolitionist USA or rebel and slave-holding CSA, ordained that the two warring halves of the country suffer, and in his time and way he brought the chastening of the American people to a close lest everyone be consumed and the nation be utterly destroyed for its sin against the blacks and also the Indian peoples.

Can we not draw a comparison with our own predicament and times? How much more devastation must we witness in our nation, and how long will many disastrous consequences of our sins now wreaking harmful results in our own midst in our families go on before we are driven to ask God for mercy and repent?


Note: Knowingly, no quotes or excerpts were taken from the article, "Does the Bible Condone Slavery?", as this author has discovered years ago these points he makes on his own, but feels he can still use exact figures wherever they are cited, if he gives credit where it is due. This we are happy to do at this non-profit, non-soliciting ministry, especially since we support the Lamb and Lion Ministries that published the excellent article. The Lamb and Lion/Lamplighter magazine article in turn was drawn from . You can find the article cited here in September-October issue of LAMPLIGHTER, republished by Lamb and Lion Ministries, McKinney, Texas, founded by Dr. David Reagan. The article is found on page 22. You can also find it on-line at www. and

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