Christmas Letter &

"Lee and Liz News 1997,

With Extra Curricular

"Around Our World"

and "Around the House"




in Feb, to see Tim, Beth, Lee and Jase. Explored Organ Mts., ate hot peopper foods and helped refinish cupboards.



CHICAGO--To grand niece Kristen Brown's Wedding. Enjoyed the Ginther, Brown, and Pujals families at the beautiful rite and reception. Wasn't it great to be together at a joyous time!


TUCSON--to Nat'l Senior Games--via Loveland, Las Cruses, Carefree and "Grand Canyon".

BEMIDJI--To see Steve & Tanya, Britta and Aanna--in their nicely "remodling" house. (We helped a smidjen.) We drove hru water on I-29, the Red River flood was starting--UFTA!

ST.LOUIS PARK--to visit Mary, Curtis and Elisabeth...Seeing videos of mary's liturgical Dancing, Curtis' Global Mission Volunteering and "Tofia's" (Elisabeth's) antics!

BLOMKEST--(near Wilmar, MN). Two families of ours on Crown Farm (and thousands of turkeys). Pete & Kari, Michelle, David, Daniel, Joel, and Sarah are in the farm house. Next door on the farm are Tom, Judy, Rachel, Nathan and new little Hannah Grace who was baptized by Grandpa Nov. 30. On that trip, we got in on a family vocal concert by pete,Kari and the 4 oldest. By the way, numbers 14, 15 and 16 grandchildren are due this year. (Mary, Kari, and Tanya) Also, that Thanksgiving weekend, Tom and Judy spearheaded a 70 yr. Birthday Celebration and Memory Book for Dad Lee. Thanks a bunch! (So great to get that Ginther page! Thanks for the remembrances--fun! Bet Ron did the spectacular art work)


FREEMAN--Lee heads those 46 miles every Sunday and one day each week to serve the few, but loyal folks at Hope. It's an interim.

SHERWOOD--Son Steve and Lee helped sister Ruth make the big move to Sioux Falls. She lived at the Canadian border since Husband Tom died so suddenly 3 years ago.

BLACK HILLS, LYMAN, WINNER AND HUTCHINSON COUNTIES--to try tof ill 3 deer permits and get some pheasants. The freezer is full again.


PLAIN VIEW FARM--The Reunion with 6 of Lee's seven sisters and many of the cousins attending.

CORRALVILLE, IA--Liz's Family Reunion with Sis Ruth/Alwin and families, Liz's late sis Marie's husband George and wife Sheryl and their families,--

(Close to 50 attended). We missed Louise, Robert's wife. A nasty fall kept her at home. We're hoping for evenmore attendance next time.

PIERRE, SD--Senior Games--We compete in horseshoe, bowling, golf, tennis. etc. It's good for elder Lee and Liz to keep the hearts pumping and have fun while doing it.

MORE CURRICULAR--"Around the House"

SUCH AS: Quilting, Gardening, Garage Work (Lee installed storage cupboards from the Unity Church that closed) "Yippy says Liz" Games, Lutefisk suppers; Circle Chairman, Lee is on various boards, subs at the prison,--we did some volunteering for Luth. Disaster Response at Watertown and Selby--Liz joined St. John Clown Ministry (nothing new, I know) to mention a few of our fun extra curricular activities.


"Behold, I bring you good news of a great joy, which will come to all people, for to you is born this day...a Savior who is Christ the Lord!"--Luke 2: 10, 11

The news media is filled with references to El Nino..."biggest and strongest ever"...manipulating its power around the world"..."What vacation spots will be 'naughty or nice' this season because of El Nino?"

We didn't realize it, but when a newscaster was interviewing a weather expert, he said El Nino meant, "the baby"..."the Christ Child" and when asked "Why?" he said, "because this phenomenon comes at Christmas time." Interesting.

May the greatest news, of the Christ Child and who he became for us, increase your faith, so it will be the "biggest and strongest ever"! May this power of love, joy and peace be sense "around the world"!

AND HAVE A "NICE" CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! With our love and prayers, Sis Liz and Bro Leroy

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