Leroy and Liz Stadem's Christmas Letter of 2004

to Pearl Ginther

Banner of Christmas Letter:

"We've Always Had a Home.

We just needed a house to put it in."



The above quotation is too fitting not to use for our 5 families. We'll try to review a little about their homes and the "house to put it in." By the way, the quotation came out of a Habitat for Humanity letter.

Son Pete, Kari and their seven of Blomkest, MN--The Turkey Farm was sold. But they still have their home, thier same house to put it in, their work, their involvement in church and community. At the sale, Pete bid $50 on a 100X45 foot Pole Barn and got it. With help of siblings and spouses, children and the old folks, the lumber was salvaged and is to be turned into a barn at the old Stadem Farmstead, Bryant, SD.

Son Steve, Tanya and 3 girls in the Sioux Falls outskirts--They have their house intact, but they decided to work on Auntie Ruth's house, before selling it. They've been busy fixing it up--oak floors, walls are all refinished, and they dream of doing much more. They have their own home with a house to put it in!

Son Tim, Beth and 2 boys of Piedmont, SD-- They just moved to their 4th rental property (this time in Rapid City) since leaving Las Cruces, NM 2 years ago. The builder they employed to build a house for them, went belly up, skipped the country and left them with no house, got their savings,and several more families' savings as well. A good lawyer friend has been a blessing, saving their credit rating so they can still borrow someday and get a house like they owned in Las Cruces. But they've always had a home!--now for a house to put it in.

Daughter Mary, Curtis & 2 girls of St. louis Park, MN--Bless their hearts...they've been out of their house for 2 yrs. What was to have been minor repairs, has forced them into almost totally rebuilding all the insides (to meet all the codes--electrical, plumbing, reinforcing, re-insulating, new dry wall, paint, etc.). But they have a home and hopefully soon a house to put it in!

Son Tom, Judy and 4 children & a Korean exchange student of Tea, SD--. They moved to an acreage between Sioux Falls and Tea. They knew the house needed much work and were willing to sacrifice their newer house to get closer to work and get into the country--where they raise chickens. (Love those eggs & fryers & extra garden stuff) They have done much--new flooring, redoing walls, redecorating, etc. But they have a home and are working on that house to put it in!

Liz and Lee of of Sioux Falls feel very fortunate to have our 1400 sq. ft. condo unit. We don't need more area to clean and keep up. We think it's just right for us. So far the grandchildren pull up a rug to sleep on if there aren't enuf beds and cots. Thank the Lord, we have had a home together now for 49 years, and many of those years in our own house to put our home in!!

Well, that's enough on our houses and homes, but at Christmas time, we sure should be reminded of the Christ child, with Mary and Joseph, who had a home, with delays in Bethlehem, Egypt, and finally back to Nazareth, they finally got to a house to put it in! But also remember in His later life, it says, "He had no where to lay His head."

May you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year as you celebrate with us, having faith in the Christ of Christmas who comes to us as he promised; "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My father will love him and we will come to him and make our home with him." John 14: 23 NIV--that sure is a lot more important than what happens in our houses--right???!

We look forward to hearing from you.

With our love and prayers, Sis Liz and Bro. Leroy.

Sure hope you enjoy your Advent and Christmas! Your kids will see to it! Greet them all.


Dear Lord Jesus,

Bless this house when Christmastime is here.

Fill each room with peace and joys

that last through out the year.

Watch over it and guard it

with your gentle, caring touch,

and please show all who live here

that you love them very much.

Pete and Kari Stadem's Christmas Letter 2004

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