Leroy and Liz Stadem's Letter of Oct. 26, 2004

to Pearl Ginther

Sioux Falls

Tea Time with Liz

Dear Sis Pearl,

What is the #28 thing in your address anyway? You are my # sister! Don't let Uncle Sam or any other Uncle forget it! [Pearl's address had Space # 28 in it, which he must had left off the letter, so it was delayed in delivery?--Ed.]

Thanks so much for the 77th birthday anniversary of my stopping the threshing rig on Plain View on Oct. 20th [his date of birth Oct. 20, 1927, as the youngest and last of Alfred and Bergit Stadem's family]--thanks for your greeting, that is! Also those greetings from Darrel & Ron & the clippings. I am sending it back, because we do have them all. And the pictures of your TV and surrounding beautiful pictures bring back memories of not only seeing your cozy place, but also reminds us of Ruthie's pictures she could send of her TV shots.

Well, we returned last night about midnight from working on the big project of dismantling a Pole Barn over at Peter's Turkey farm area. We Stadems were prepared to pay $1,000 for it at an auction, but we got it for $50.00. This will put us a long way on building back up a barn on Plain View--at least that's the vision.

It's a labor intensive project but at the price of lumber, it has to be worth it. It's a 3 hr. drive over and 3 hrs. back each time. For Pete and family it's handy, and we go up Sun. night, sleep over, and work hard Monday til sundown. We may be about 1/2 through, and then I have a friend who will transport the piles of lumber and corrogated tin for us at a minimum cost.

Sorry for Jerry's sore back. Helping us now wouldn't help, but prayers and good care will! Greet them all. Love, Bro. Leroy & Liz (she went along to help feed us at Kari's)

I like your jokes!

Note: Mom wrote on the envelope some year after 2004: "Ronald, read inside. Back in 2004 Leroy mentioned having a barn built." I must have been discouraged, so she used this mention and the old letter to encourage me!--Ed.

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