Leroy Stadem's Letter to Pearl Ginther,

July 25, 2008

My dear Sis Pearl & Nephew Ron & All,

We must answer your letter right away and thank you for the update on your return home and the pictoral review as well! Mange tusen tak.

Yes to answer who that was that you had your arm around [in a picture taken at the 2008 reunion on PVF]--it was one of the Stadem girls--daughters of Sever & Sarah you are hugging Helen, I'm sure (Helen Vansickle). Maxine Haugem is next to me. Shirley Wellington died in '03. We were at her funeral. We felt very good about the service held at Grace Lutheran [church in Watertown] and the gathering of relatives afterward at Helen's house (I think).

You may know that the family asked me to conduct Aunt Sarah's funeral years before Shirley's death. Our sis Ruth was so helpful to the girls that lived in Watertown, where she was Parish Secretary back before she was married. Yes Pearl, I remember that puppy you brought to the farm that we cvalled DENVER!

Last night Liz and I were over at Eloise & Ron Hefty's. It was a welcome potluck for Nada [Lundring-Ronning] who is in town for her 50th Academy Class Reunion ["daughter to Axel", Pearl wrote on letter]. John Brown (not his wife or girls--they're in Pittsburgh for a few days) came and he and our Steve talked until 11:00 p.m. he told us on the phone this morning. Steve & family just returned on Wed. by 8:30 a.m. from a business vacation trip ito Michigan. Steve drove all night Tues. night to return home. Said they saved at least 2 hrs. because--NO STOPS--what a guy. He does like night driving for other reasons too I guess.

That ws quite a poem you quoted from the Model T picture. Your serious pose is unusual but OK.

So you stoped at Wall Drug--on Mon. June 30 according to the date on the picture. That sod house picture--my, to think you remember the place where our dad ["Uncle Sever, Alfred born in Baltic" Pearl wrote on letter] was born--across the slough from where you lived up until 1919 [the sod house was in the Baltic area]. That's history.

[Yes, it is history, and I did not know until now in 2014 that Mother remembered the sod house! If I had known, I would have taken the recollection down, a missed opportunity, alas, I can't find a substitute for!-Ed.]

Next year 2009 you will have to give us an "on the site" review of stories like that.

Remember it's 2010 for our big reunion when MAYBE there coud be some progress on the barn.

It will have to go slow [after this "cautionary" word, six years later, the "barn" or heritage center is virtually complete, inside and out, mainly thanks to Uncle Leroy's sacrificial funding!--Ed.]. All our kids have to make a living. The barn will be a luxury item and we can't rush it. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers--Brother & Uncle Leroy

Yes, thank you two for your gift to help with gas, etc. Gas is quite an item now!

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