Leroy Stadem's Letter to Nephew Ron Ginther,

June 12, 2014

Sioux Falls,

June 12, 2014, ll pm,

[Verse on stationery--"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."--Prov. 16:3 (NIV)]

Dear Ron,

Lost track of Helen [Vansickle]--90! Know Cora's 100th coming up. Didn't think of anyone would have more birthdays than ourmother, but your Mom did!

Liz just called me into the computer room to see a picture of Joel [Stadem]. One year now since he had his accident. Wow! And to thnk he was really going. But God had other plans!

Thanks for all the news. Looks like you must be fairly close to Wayne's city.

Preparing for the Sunday sermon. It was great to discover that all 13 lessons of St. Paul end with a benediction which includes the word GRACE! II Cor. 13:13 is the 2nd Lesson for this Sunday--Trinity [Lutheran Church].

Looks like we'll have some Ginthers at the Reunion [June 19-].

Take care! And thanks for keeping in touch.

Love, Uncle Leroy

P.S. Not sure about the question of the Stadems from Henry coming to the Farm.

I know how happy I was when they would come down at pheasant season--we got to ride in Uncle Sever's car when we hunted!

Yes, Ron, I was born in 1927. Your Grandpa like to say, "Leroy stopped the threshing machine when he was born. The towel was to be hung out on the porch, which meant my Dad had to drop everything and take the buggy to go down to get Aunty Martha--she was the midwife. My Dad and Sis Bernice were threshing grain stacks with the Waterloo Boy tractor and machine that could all be done with two people--and here I stopped the whole thing. KEEP LOOKING UP!

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