Leroy Stadem's Letter to Pearl

On Her 98th Birthday, Sept. 17, 2007

Dear Pearl,

My dear thoughtful sister,

You are now no longer that handy age when I can turn my numbers (79) around and get yours. It was fun for a whole year to speak of the "handy way" you gave me to remember you were 97.

We thought of you especially on your birthday and hope you had a good time with your kids. We're sure you did.

You have been so special about my birthday and our Anniversary! I'm holding both of your greeting cards and letters in my right hand now, and have written "Thank" on them!

You sent several pictures taken on the '06 Reunion on the Farm. Mange tusen tak! That Reghan is running around and talking some words now. Liz baby sits once in a while so Jody can go to the dentist and such.

You also informed us of the passing of Joyce's husband at the time you sent an Easter greeting. How is Joyce doing? Greet her. You and she should get to a Reunion again. The golf cart is waiting! So is our guest room and taxi.

I'm sending a 3 mo. old letter that Liz wrote to the kids (a copy). You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

We love you! Keep working on being 100, "whether your kids like it or not" (your words).

Love, Brother Leroy. Greet 'em all!

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