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Note: we have yet to update this page for Memorial Gifts given in memory of Pearl A. Ginther, Jerry Ginther, and Darrell Ginther. If you have gifts to give, let us know. We will mention them on this page. Also, we want to know of other gifts to the Heritage on PVF in memory of other loved ones. Please help us make a more complete record here, won't you?--Ed.


Gifts of money have been given In Memoriam to the following saints of God:

Mrs. Karen Brendsel Brende (pictured in the foreground, sitting in front of sisters Pearl Stadem Ginther and Bernice Stadem Schaefer, loved the Lord Jesus Christ her Savior dearly and in 1991 went to him after her 106th birthday in Sioux Falls, SD! A mother and devoted wife, she was widowed. Her husband Joseph Brende died in 1953, and after his death Karen Brende attended Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle and also Minneapolis, graduating at age 69. She was a music teacher, giving private piano lessons for more than 50 years. She took into her home elderly women who could not care for themselves, feeding them and looking after them, and this included poor students attending college in town who were out of money and couldn't buy food! (I know, for I was one!--Ron Ginther) She directed the Women's Auxiliary of the Norse Glee Club, and directed the "Keen Agers" choral group in the nursing home where she later resided until her early 90s. She was a member of First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls for more than 60 years, and was a charter member of Union Gospel Mission. A true saint of God, she is a special friend to the Stadem-Holbeck relationship! She truly left a golden legacy of Christian love and service to others for all her family and friends to preserve and follow!

We will have a special page for her entitled:

Karen Brende's Life, in Focus Newletter

Mrs. Opal V. Stime, churchwoman and also Children's Hour Director in Sinai, South Dakota for the Lutheran Fellowship Meetings, took on herself (on top of her duties as wife and mother) to transcribe the Funeral messages and events, and her transcription was produced and printed at her own considerable expense as the only official Funeral Tract for Robert Ginther and Arthur Stadem, both killed in the private plane crash of 1947 that was in the process of being tested for Robert Ginther's clients who were friends of his. The tract containing the wonderful and truth-searching messages of Bryant Lutheran pastor, Rev. Henry J. Peterson, and numerous other pastors and church officials (as they each wrestled with the tragedies and what plan God might have had in allowing them to happen) was given to LBI, a number of Midwestern colleges and churches, and reached hundreds of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was preached at the double funerals in Bryant, S.D., January 1947, to an overflow gathering of over 1,000 people. Stunned by the tragedy of these two sudden deaths of young men, reported in the papers in Sioux Falls and across the whole upper Midwest, thousands of people were given pause to consider the brevity of life and question where they would spend eternity if they should so suddenly be taken in the prime of life as these two young men were. She continued a dear friend of the Stadem family for many years, surviving the deaths of Alfred and Bergit Stadem for over 10 years until her passing to Glory, November 15, 2007. Her testimony of Jesus, her love of others, was vibrant in her countenance and life and all her actions. We are very glad as Stadems to have been blessed by her Christian friendship all those years, and rejoice in the crowns she will undoubtedly be given by the Lord she loved so much and served so faithfully in her long and fruitful life. Her memory is a golden one, not only in her immediate and large family, but in the entire relationship of her many friends.

The Claire and Norma Hobart Memorial at the Heritage Center: Blind Musician, Composer, and School for the Blind Director Claire Hobart was a wonderful friend of Bergit and Alfred Stadem, and they supported him for many years with contributions and also personal visits on their way to the churches and missions in Mexico run by the LALM (Latin American Lutheran Mission), where they brought needed clothes, food, and also contributions they raised among the Lutheran Fellowship Meetings in South Dakota and from various churches. Please go to the special, new Claire and Norma Hobart page with pictures of the Hobarts' free LALM-connected school for the blind in Laredo, Texas, as well as his ministry in composing music, teaching blind piano students, and performing at concerts and recitals to raise monies for the mission school. They are gone now to their great reward in heaven, but we can continue their memory in this Heritage Center, and possibly Christian work among the blind, for we must forget them.

We have created a special Hobart Memorial page for the Hobarts and their mission school to the blind. The link is:

Hobart Memorial

If you wish to contribute to the Heritage Center in their blest and golden memory, please do so! They would be very pleased to hear even in heaven that their untrumpeted but wonderful work for the Lord among Mexico's cast-off blind people is remembered in this way. Those blind people were dearest to their hearts, and they served them faithfully long past retirement age, without big donors or a Madison Avenue-type, high powered solicitation for funds! No, out of the labors of his own musical ability on the piano and his composer's pen, Claire provided for the school year after year after year, without complaint, and contributions from churches they gave programs at added the needed remainder. Norma his nurse and faithful set of seeing eyes, a fellow missionary, was ever the perfect wife for him to the end! God bless their memories! The link to their special page is given below the picture of Claire Hobart at work with a blind student.

Claire and Norma Hobart Memorial, "Hobart Happenings"

Names of the Memorialized and contributors to the Heritage Center:

Aunt Katrine Holbeck-Lundring by Grand- Niece Pearl A. Stadem-Ginther

A most godly woman, elder sister of Bergit Holbeck Stadem, she visited the young Alfred Stadem household once, saw that Alfred had not begun daily devotions with the Family as a daily practice, and reproved him. Alfred then began the devotions, which traditionally is called "The Family Altar"!). Lastly, Pearl Stadem Ginther was born in her house in Canton, SD, Sept. 13, 1909.

Mrs. Opal Stime, by the Stime Families, and the Ginther Family,

Ray Lawrence-Smith, a godly father and husband, ever supportive of the work of the Lord, by Kathleen Lawrence-Smith of Worcester, England,

Note: Kathleen Lawrence-Smith has lately passed to glory, August 19, 2009, and a memorial has been given to her at the Heritage Center by Pearl Ginther and son Ronald Ginther, her friends for many years

Claire and Norma Hobart by Pearl and son Ronald Ginther,

Mrs. Karen Brendsel Brende, by friend Ron Ginther (she volunteered him hearty meals when he ran out of funds while attending Augustana College, Sioux Falls, back in the early 1960s!),

Aunt Estelle Rangen and son Paul, by Ron Ginther

Alida Stadem Spilde, by Gloria Ginther Brown and families.

Monies given to the Heritage Center in honor of:

Pearl A. Ginther by son Darrell R. Ginther,

Pearl A. Ginther's 99th birthday by son Jerry Ginther.


Gift to Heritage Center by Jerry Ginther in honor of sister Gloria Brown and her families.

Additional Gifts to be Made By Ginther family (to God be the Glory, not the givers!):

In Memory of gift pledge for Uncle Arthur Donald Stadem, from Nephew Ron Ginther.

For the tribute poem in the Archives to Art Stadem and to see the lyrics of the song found in his "Little Bible," a tiny book with scriptures, hymns, and pictures not much bigger than a matchbook, which was given him by his Bryant Christian youth group friend Alva way back in his youth, plus Art Stadem's own bio written for Augustana College, go to:

Heritage Center Archives and Library

In Memory of Stadem Jewish Christian friend and evangelist, Joe Berkowitz (who ministered Christian cheer and the healing, delivering Word of God to brother Darrell Ginther being treated in the mental hospital--see Darrell's special testimony of God's deliverance and healing in the "Prince of Zion" series on these websites).

In Memory of gift pledge for Ginthers' family friend, Athena Smith; she suffered from MS and was paralyzed head to foot after a boating "accident" arranged by her husband to get rid of her, but painted pictures with her mouth and even went on the Internet and did email!. She never complained but took her paralysis and suffering joyously as the cross that saved her sinful soul and kept her for Jesus alone! Formerly a very wealthy woman with several luxurious homes and a beach home too, she lost it all when her husband tried to kill her. He was in their boat on the lake pulling her way too fast on a big water ski in tighter and tighter circles until she went down in the water and came up hitting the board with her head, knocking her unconscious (and the paralysis and multiple schlerosis disease came soon after a neighbor ran and rescued her from drowning), but she counted her homes and the lifestyle of the rich nothing compared to the riches of Christ she gained through surrendering her heart to Jesus and being granted forgiveness of her sins and eternal life, which is salvation. She wrote to Pearl Ginther once: "Merry Christmas and how nice it would be to talk about the Lord. I still thank you and Corlie Ross for praying me through to salvation. We had some wonderful Bible studies."

In Memory of gift pledge for Ron Ginther's lifelong friends in his hometown of Puyallup, Washington State, former Puyallup High school teachers Gladys Sorenson and Nora Page Hall, who employed him to do their lawn mowing and their gardening and house painting and window cleaning, etc., for over 45 years and treated him as a friend from the tender age of 13, a time when he deeply needed such adult support as a fatherless boy!

In Memory of gift for Rev. Andrew Holbeck (Bergit and Katrina's brother) by Pearl Ginther; Andrew Holbeck was first of their little family of Holbek orphans to emigrate to America to start a new life and went to seminary and pastored until he retired in Montana. Thanks to his brave example, they followed to join him, and new life came to all of us too as their descendants!

In Memory of gift pledge for Tom Harrington, whom Estelle Stadem Rangen called "The Rainbow Man" because he lived to be a blessing to others and was so modest and unassuming, but shining nevertheless in a many-colored way that speaks of God's bow of special providence and blessing, the Rainbow, which God set in the rainy clouds for the sun to illumine for all people to see and remind them of God's faithfulness.

Please to to the Tributes Central page, which will give you the Tribute to Tom Harrington. You can also find tributes to Russell Schaefer, Bernice Schaefer, Myrtle Svanoe, Hans Spilde, Ruth Harrington, Paul Rangen, Estelle Rangen, Luther Svanoe, Art Stadem, and others. Stadems_Saga is the Plain View Farm website that will carry many of these tributes, or links to them.

Tributes for Those Memorialized, on Stadems_Saga

Russell Schaefer, for the Russell Schaefer Memorial Archives and Library, by Ginthers [please see his "Rainbow" poem, by going to the Tribute to Aunt Bernice Stadem Schaefer, in link provided below picture of rainbow on Plain View Farm].

"Tribute to Bernice Stadem Schaefer," by Nephew Ronald Ginther

Money grants to the Heritage Center:

From Alida Spilde (via Spilde families, and just recently Bonnie and Joe Hilt, who have just contributed another really BIG HEARTED amount to add to the previous big amount!),

From Pearl Ginther (a number of gifts),

From Chloe Koslowsky,

From Bertine and Arnold Egge (via Pearl Ginther)

Mrs. H. Peterson, wife of Bryant Lutheran Church's Pastor Peterson and beloved mother of a large family, was honored as Mother of the Year (1955).

In Memory of the "Mother of the Century," Irene Hovdenes, a single Christian lady who loved, mothered, fed, clothed, disciplined, trained, and in every way took care of over 2500 foster children in a long career of helping cast-off and abused or neglected children from dysfunctional families that became wards of the state. A Sioux Falls friend of Pearl and Bob Ginther and the Stadems, she learned babysitting from the Ginthers while practicing with their young ones, which stood her in good stead when she moved to Tacoma, Washington, and set up a foster care home in her own house. In the picture, Irene stands on the left of Pearl Ginther, and Irene's sister Ruth is to Pearl's right. We have a special tribute to Irene all ready written by Roberta Ginther, which won her an A-grade in a writing class, and which was presented at a special program and dinner by the Ginthers to Irene in her honor, with Pearl Ginther seated beside her at the Golden Rose Manor Club House, a year or so before Irene's passing to glory. This tribute is illustrated by Ronald Ginther and will be offered soon on these pages as time permits.

Money grants to various projects at PVF and other memorials:

In Memory of Arthur Arp, gift by Pearl Ginther; he was a lifelong Christian friend of the Ginthers and Stadems

In Memory of Arthur Donald Stadem, gift by sister Pearl Ginther; Art died with Robert Ginther in the plane crash, but left a precious memory of his Christlike live and spirit

In Memory of Palma Larson, lifelong friend of Pearl Ginther and the Stadem Family, gift by Pearl Ginther

In Memory of Robert Ginther, gift by his widow Pearl Ginther

Irene Doering, long-time friend of Pearl Ginther and family, a gift by Pearl Ginther

Additional memorial gift in memory of George Baldwin by his nephew Jerry Ginther, for the kitchen/dining room of the Heritage Center. He is also giving additional "In Honor of" gifts we will itemize later, which have already been itemized in the September Samtaleren.

A gift was given by the former landlady of Jerry Ginther's, for the Heritage Center which he had told her about.

Jerry Ginther continues to give numerous large money gifts to the Heritage Center in honor of Mrs. Floy McDonald, a lifelong Christian friend and onetime neighbor to the Ginther family, and other notable friends.

Roberta Ginther has also given a gift in memory of a lady whom she cared for as a nurse. She had told this lady about the Heritage Center and Plain View Farm, and she was so interested to hear about it.

Jerry Ginther continues to give and give to the Heritage Center, so we must award him "Most Generous and Sacrificial Giver" Award! We can't itemize them all or keep up! Eloise, in the latest September issue of the Samtaleren, has itemized the gifts to the farm and the Heritage Center, so you can see exactly what we mean by the most generous giver! THANKS, JERRY! YOU ARE A SHINING EXAMPLE OF WHAT A GENEROUS HEART IS LIKE AS YOU THINK OF OTHERS BEFORE YOURSELF AND HELP BY YOUR MONEY GIFTS TO MAKE A NEW FUTURE FOR THE YOUNGER STADEM GENERATION TO USE FOR REACHING OUT TO THE LOST AND NEEDY SOULS OF OUR NATION AND THE WORLD.

These listings of gifts are not complete and are being added to as contributions keep coming in, day by day! This does not include the considerable contributions already given via Stephen Stadem's Barn Picture Project. Certificates for the donors will be soon in the mail to the contributors, signed by Pearl A. Ginther, Eldest Stadem, and by Eloise Spilde Hefty (Secretary). Some are being sent already. Most will be available at the Reunion in 2009 for contributors who come, as it is very expensive to send them by mail in the protective folders. They are very suitable to be framed (try to choose something rustic or old-fashioned in frame, to suit the rustic scene). Thank you with all our heart to those who have given, and thank you to those who are in the process of giving to the Heritage Center! You will be richly blessed by your giving to this wonderful facility, insuring that our golden Stadem-Holbeck legacy will be passed to the younger generation in a way that will keep it alive and growing and reaching many people even beyond our relationship who can also benefit.

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