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We all know "Mama" Bergit Stadem loved her flowers dearly! She grew a lot of nutritious vegetables and strawberries too, but it was her flowers and house plants that she loved with all her heart.

Papa Alfred Stadem loved the beauties of God's creation probably as much as she did, though he expressed that love with a lot of elbow grease and his creative flair for landscaping. He planted extensive lines of trees, the winter wind-braking "shelter belts," on the north and south sides of seven acres adjoining the farmstead, and then added large beds of lilacs in front of the house and along the side of the driveway in.

He even planted a long bed of lilacs across the road on the property that his son Arthur bought with his Navy savings. If this wasn't enough, he somehow found time and energy to dig and cement in a goldfish pool in the yard, and also planted fruit trees. Plain View Farm, thanks to their efforts, with the children helping as they could with planting trees, became as close to a Garden of Eden in South Dakota as hard work, TLC, and imagination could make it.

How very beautiful Plain View Farm is to this day, with its stunning banks of lilacs in bloom, the wonderful green grass that makes it a park, and the many beautiful trees!

This Stadem love for God's creation was passed on to the sons and daughters.

Pearl, the eldest Stadem daughter, loves her flowers and garden to this very day. Her son Ronald looks after her garden for her, now that she is looking toward her 100th birthday in a mere 9 years! He also has some love for gardens, and was caretaker and gardener on the Gladys Farquhar estate, Sumner, Washington, which was a Pacific Northwest showcase property in its day.

Gladys Farquahar thought highly of Pearl Ginther, who was a special friend to her during her last years and for a time a caregiver in her home.

Hearing of Ron from his mother, Mrs. Farquahar hired him to work as a gardener on her property, and he gardened for her for some years.

Later, in 1991, viewing a scripture garden outside Vancouver, British Columbia, inspired him to want to create one of his own. This is the result of having waited years for a chance to begin one, then realizing that it was possible to do it without the great expense of acquiring the needed real estate and then spending a fortune turning it into flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

Thank God for the Internet, where dreams can become reality at a fraction of the cost and effort! It is hoped that our guests will enjoy the scripture gardens based on the Plain View Farm, Pearl Ginther, and Gladys Farquahar Gardens.--Editor

The Stadheim Farms in Vik, Norway, right close on the banks of the great Sogn Fjord, are beautiful gardens in themselves, growing flowers, raspberries, and grass for the grazing sheep.

Pearl Ginther sits in front of her red and white roses, while a squash or pumpkin blossom gleams golden yellow.

Even a porch can be made a garden, with hanging baskets, even ivy climbing the porch siding, making these natural topiaries, deer like shapes, that grew out as they liked, not trimmed that way, which was a miracle in itself!

Closeups of flowers from Pearl Ginther's garden--iris, columbines, and forget-me-nots:

Iris and Blue Forget-Me-nots


Daphne Rhododendrons

The Gladys Farquahar Gardens where Ronald Ginther was gardener for 7 years

Gardens people make are beautiful, but who can surpass God's garden? His is the most beautiful of all gardens--straight from the Master Gardener himself!

Of all flowers, the morning glory perhaps most captures the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:

"The Earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof," proclaims the Bible Scriptures

Jesus Brings Us Living Waters of Life Everlasting!

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