Rangens' Mama Bergit Stadem Picture Letter

By Joseph and Estelle Rangen

We were told by our Victory Board..."Go...go and take in the Golden Celebration of the Halvorsons and we'll take care of the preaching, Teaching, Leading, Watering of the Church Palms, etc."

There's something magical about taking a trip. You can't buy have earn it...and you've earned the right to enjoy it. This was part of our vacation, of course!

We must confess, the nudge came from daughter Mim, Continental Airlines employed. Our launching base, the Koslowsky Home in Anaheim, flying first to Portland...getting a rented car (Toyota), sleeping over-night at the Walt Evans and by sunrise, we were on our way to have breakfast with the Biornstads who had called and asked for that favor! (Favor to us, we'd say).

Now it's Friday June 3rd and we were on our way to Tacoma where we usually do our telephoning. We received an answer at the first ring and sure enough Sister Pearl gave us a royal welcome, even tho' she had just returned on Wednesday from the Stadem Reunion. Needless to say, we were not wanting for conversation! What fun to hear of all the excitement and accomplishments which went on at Plain View Farm in S.D. Stadem Reunion. The highlight must have been when Aunty Be, after the necessary detailed, exhaustive account of how Russ had taken a could not be used as it was, but a son of their dear Friend from Riverside, CA., had taken on the awesome task of correcting what needed to be corrected and in love had made enough copies for the whole Stadem relationship...Grandkids included. Be unveiled the most impressive picture of Mamma praying which was such an overwhelming experience for all the 43 relatives attending that they, almost without exception broke into tears. Pearl did the same thing as she unveiled her picture she had received and the reaction for me was as overwhelming. How proud we are to have this beautiful Picture hanging on our wall. Momma knew the key to open Heaven's door and she used it daily. (By-the-way, the necessary correction was for the artist to remove the curlers in her hair, which he did so professionally).

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