The Stadem and Holbek Memorial Bibles DVD presentation can be seen either in a private home or at the coming Reunion 2020 in the heritage barn, Lord willing. The presentation will be on a DVD disc that can be duplicated for all those who want a copy for their family. This project is financed by Ron Ginther (AKA Deep Pockets with holes in them!), with the technical aid and expertise of a computer shop's Christian personnel. He wishes to use also funds if needed by the four or five donors to the digitizing reunions video project that proved far too expensive to continue.

Donors to that worthy project can be reimbursed or let the funds go into the making of the disc for the BIBLES MEMORIALS.

They will receive a consolation copy of the digitized 1994 reunion and a copy of Plain View Farm stories read by Estelle, Mim Rinderknecht, Pearl Ginther, Leroy Stadem, Rennard Svanoe, Myrtle Svanoe, and others. They will also receive a disc of the audio-visual presentation that will feature the historic Holbek and Stadem Bibles discovered by Stephen Stadem, plus the Ethnos360 translator's account.

The disc can be shown on a widescreen TV, and it can be shown in any home similarly equipped.

So far nobody has offered to pay into this project, except for a non-relative, Mrs. June Durnell, a faithful family friend of Pearl Ginther's, who wanted to help with the production in order to assist our saving our godly heritage for the younger generation. She is a grandmother and great-grandmother herself, of pure Norske descent, so she values what we have as well as what she has in her own family. Do you value what you have, loved one?

Here is YOUR chance again, loved one, to show you really care about the Stadem legacy. Each disc will allotted for a donation, which means also that it cannot be used to make multiple discs for those who could afford to pay for an individual copy. Such "thrift" at the expense of the project would not be ethical or even Christian, right? Each disc will be given with for $20.00 (minimum) or more donation, with the proviso that it not be copied and the copies distributed free of charge. This has to be the requirement, and it has to be mentioned, as our heritage did not come cheaply, it cost an enormous amount in lives, blood, sweat, tears, prayers, and a whole lot of enduring faith and trust in God!).

The disc and copy restriction will be marked with the logo and copyright of Butterfly Productions, which Jerry Ginther named and inaugurated in 1997 on the PLAIN VIEW FARM WEBSITES.

The donations will be given to the continuing effort of heritage preservation on the Farm, every penny or krone of it! I will not be repaid, but that is my gift to younger generation, because Christ charged his disciples to spread the Good News without any assurance they would be reimbursed, except in heaven. If anyone outside our families wishes to acquire a disc, we will later seek to post it on Kindle or you can ask for a copy by email, on the same aforementioned Christian terms.

A third option is to download it from our Plain View Heritage website, when that can be set up and accessed. Paypal is attached to our heritage books already available on Kindle, so this could be also paid for there the same. So far only Japanese Christians in Japan have bought a Kindle book we offered, and no one from our Stadem descendant families has shown interest in buying a $1 e-book of Myrtle Svanoe's Letters, or a book of Darrell Ginther's Memories of the Old Buggy Days, and other items offered there, but that could change with this disc's "premiere", hopefully.--Sincerely, Ronald Ginther, Editor


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