The 2020 Stadem reunion was called off by the LLC Stadems in control, we were all informed. This has rendered the DVD even more important and timely, in our view.

Stadem and Holbek Memorial Bibles DVD presentation can be seen either in a private home or at a venue of your own choice. The presentation will be on a DVD disc that is not authorized to be copied. The reason for that is donors must give sacrificially, and if copies are made indiscriminately, people will receive the DVD on the cheap, and Heritage does not come cheap, it is not free, it comes at great cost, even lives.

Donors to the digitizing project that involved the reunion videos will receive a copy. The digitizing is halted, with no expense to the donors, as Ron Ginther paid for the digitizing that was done of the 1994 reunion and the Plain View Farm Stories composed by him. Donors will, nevertheless, receive a copy for their donations to that fund, though the project proved prohibitively expensive, and the product came flawed. Instead, donors to the digitizing project that is halted (waiting for equipment to be rented or given us to continue it ourselves) will receive a Memorial Bibles and Heritage DVD, plus a copy of the 1994 reunion and a copy of the Plain View Farm Stories read by our aunts, uncles, and cousins and videotaped by Cathy Spilde.

Donors to that fund will receive, as we have said, a DVD presently in progress, as we have not received the completed covers and inserts for the jewel cases to be able to send out to anyone on the donor list.

Well, life comes with surprises now and then, right? Some are good, some not so good, some bad, some tragic even. This DVD does the same, it contains surprises, but of the good sort. It will even carry some of the glory of God, and impart that glory to you, whoever you are, if you prove a sacrificial giver, the one main condition for receiving the DVD in the first place.

In a nutshell, this presentation via DVD is a bombshell of God's grace and glory, which will not destroy but will bring abundant life and blessing beyond your imagination, if you prove open to such to happen to you and give accordingly.

All sacrificially donated funds will go direct to the Plain View Farm Secretary, whom I last heard was Aanna Chase in Chicago, the Samtaleran Editor, or if she is not handling the finances, then to Peter Stadem, President of the LLC Stadems, earmarked for exclusive use for the finishing of the barn and for no other projects. We who produced the DVD will handle absolutely no funds for that project, and ask that none be sent Ron Ginther for the DVD. It is not free, it comes with a price, just as Heritage comes, but we will not be paid a dime, we want ALL to go to the Barn Project which is 23 years old and counting! Please respect the conditions stated for the DVD. If you do not, you choose to defeat the very purpose for the DVD, and God will not look kindly on your disregard. Be richly blessed, one and all Stadem Descendants! It is your choice whether you will be or not.

Prayerfully and sincerely, Ron Ginther, Editor and DVD Project overseer


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