"How Pearl and her Mama Made Ice Cream," by Pearl Stadem Ginther, Age 99 (Sept. 13, 2008)

We couldn't afford to buy ice cream in town. To make it ourselves, we first had to have ice to start it. I was just a small girl, but in the winter I went down to the slough and used a long handle stone mallet to smash the ice up, to get chunks to carry back in a gunney sack.

Mama and I worked to make the ice cream. We had plenty cream, eggs, sugar, and salt. The salt was used to thicken the ice in the churn, to make it cold enough to cause the mixed ice cream ingredients to freeze up. The sudden cold did the trick! It was like a miracle.

As soon as we had it made, we called everybody to have themselves a bowl of it. It had to be eaten right then, as we had no freezer to keep it. Yum Yum--homemade ice cream was so good!

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