Pearl's Stories:

"Fishing With a Sack at Lake Norden"

When I was a girl growing up with my family in South Dakota,

Papa stopped the car that was carrying the family at Lake Norden by the bridge

that stood where a stream was flowing from the lake.

I looked down and saw a lot of fish in the water. "I'd sure like to catch some of them!" I thought.

What was I to use? I didn't have a fishing pole, line and hook and of course no bait.

But I went down to the water's edge, and then I saw a gunney sack on the ground. Why not a sack? I thought.

Going into the water, I stood and held the gunney sack open in the water as the cars crossed the bridge overhead.

The fish were travelling in groups, and a group of a dozen or so bullheads and perch swam right in! I had a sack full of fish!

I would have stood there and caught another sackful, but Papa couldn't wait for that.

We had to go with the one sack of fish I had caught.

The bullheads we skinned and threw in the pan and fried, and they were easy to eat, as they had few bones. But the perch!

They were a lot tastier than bullheads, but full of bones and hard to eat.--Pearl Stadem Ginther

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