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Pearl's Stories:

"Driving on the Lake!"

South Dakota could get some real thick ice in the wintertime in the thirties and forties, but the ice made it easier for the fisherman, in some ways, to get to the fish in the lakes. I was now married to Bob, and he had gone to Lake Poinsett to fish through the ice, while I stayed with Papa at nearby Lake Norden to fish with the family. Maybe we thought two lakes were better than one?

Judging that the ice would hold us, Papa drove the car out on the lake, and stopped by the holes fishermen had hacked in the ice. They were gone, but we could use their holes! We tried our hand at it, holding poles with lines over the holes, and hoping a fish might spot our hooks and bait. But they weren't biting that time of the day--so we gave it up after a while.

Bob, however, had saved the day's outing. He had caught a lot of bullheads at Lake Poinsett. He skinned them all, Mama fried them, and we all set down at the table and had a feast! Even the cats on the Farm got in on it--as they got the fish scraps!

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