“From the Tractor to His Destiny,”

A Tribute to Uncle Joseph Rangen,

By Nephew Ron Ginther

Steam-engine driven tractor, possibly a McCormick Tractor, being operated on Plain View Farm

Joe drove a John Deere round and round,

his circling bound him to the ground.

Hours long the tractor turned, a groove

beneath his wheels was churned.

Morning turned to 4 o’clock; how time

had dragged, like a stalled clock!

Round and round, as round could get

this spin cycle for dry or wet!

John Deere was his employer,

the one that paid him for this tour.

Chasing tail like a dog--

the wear and tear filled up a log.

Each day his track was just the same,

like someone who had lost all aim.

Are you, dear friend, in a blind spot,

plowing circles--helpless caught?

Why circle in a hopeless rut?

Why excuse with a “Yes, but...”?

Christ Jesus set Joe Rangen

free, and He can do the same for thee!*

Jesus gave him Destiny:

a higher goal there could not be

than love and serve Him all his days.

Why wander in a weary maze?

Only Christ can make life straight,

a road that won’t miss Heaven’s gate.


*Young Joseph Rangen, while testing John Deere tractors thought there must be more to life than that. There was! Through a caring friend who came and spoke the right word to him, God quickened to his heart that he needed higher education, and Joseph thought of the Fergus Falls Seminary--and what could be higher than the ministry? You know the rest—a lifetime of service to God as a pastor, husband, father, friend, and wonderful uncle!

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